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About Me and My Quilts

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I am a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and hard working physician.  I am an avid reader, enjoy many kinds of music (especially classical) and love traveling with my husband and exploring new places.  Tucked into whatever spaces I can find in my very full life is my passion for making quilts.  I have loved sewing since I was a child growing up on a farm in rural Pennsylvania.  It was as a member of the 4-H Club that I first learned to sew.  I made nearly all of my own clothes through high school and college, and knit and embroidered as well.  Then I sewed nothing for many years as I went to medical school, completed my training in internal medicine, established my medical career, married, and raised children.  There was no time to spare!!

 Finally, when both my children were in school and old enough to prefer playing with their peers instead of with me, I took up cross stitching for relaxation.  Then I decided I wanted to make a quilt for my daughter.  During the year it took me to complete my first quilt there were several bumps in the road as I explored the process of quiltmaking on my own through books and videos, with little outside help.  I taught myself to hand quilt and watched my stitching gradually improve from 4 stitches per inch to 9 per inch.  Once the last stitch was put in the binding, I had an amazing feeling of exhilaration at completing the project and knew I was hooked! That was back in 1994 and many, many quilts later, the process of making quilts continues to inspire and satisfy me.

I create my own designs, usually based on traditional quilt patterns, but artfully arranged with an eye toward presenting something new and interesting.  Although I do make some utilitarian quilts, for most of my work my intention is to create something beautiful with the highest quality craftsmanship I can provide at the time.  I enjoy learning new techniques and stretching myself with challenging projects. 

Designing agladi officend making quilts is undoubtedly an artistically creative endeavor for me.  I love the challenge of choosing just the right fabrics and colors for a project.  I use a machine for piecing, but do most of my applique by hand.  Most of my quilts are heavily hand quilted as I love the softness and flexibility of quilts done by hand.  I also find hand quilting meditative and relaxing.  It definitely helps relieve the stress I experience as a busy physician and Medical Director of the University of New Hampshire Health Services.

One of the wonderful benefits of my involvement in quiltmaking has been the new friends Iíve made.  In 1997 I joined the Cocheco Quilters Guild in Dover, NH.  Three years later I joined the DLM (Durham-Lee-Madbury, NH) Quilters.  Itís been great sharing the fun world of making quilts with these fabulous folks.  My connection with both groups has opened so many doors for me!

This web site was created for me by my good friend, Craig Werth. I hope you enjoy browsing through the pictures of my quilts and the accompanying descriptions and stories.

Below are some photos of my quilts in some of the rooms I see patients in.  While most of us are not very happy about a trip to the doctor, my hope is that the quilts will add some small measure of comfort and "hominess" to a patient's visit.
officequilt1office quilt2